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  • is simply a file-hosting platform that allows users to store their data in a safe, and secure manner.
  • Users can upload, download, manage, share, and access their files seamlessly using either a PC or a mobile device. This eliminates the need for physical storage devices such as flash disks, hard drives, and SD cards. Furthermore, cloud storage makes it easier for users to store and share large files without worrying about your file corruption or hardware malfunctions. All you need is an internet connection to make the most of this virtual storage space.
  • The best part is is a free to use service. However, you can upgrade to an ex-load premium account to enjoy additional services at competitive rates.
  • The platform is based in the USA, but it has a huge following from all over the world. Moreover, the company is widely regarded as one of the oldest cloud storage platforms operating today, thanks to the fact that they have been in business for over 7 years.

Ex-load Free Membership

  • Nearly all cloud storage platforms have a free membership plan, and ex-load is not an exception. The free membership plan by ex-load allows you to upload, access, share, and download files from anywhere without paying a dime. The only shortcoming is that you will have to contend with various restrictions such as slow speeds, limited storage space and download limits.
  • With free membership, download time takes more than 28 minutes. Moreover, you have to enter a CAPTCHA code and wait for a link before you can download your files. As if that is not enough, free members have to endure dozens of irritating advertisements popping up on their screens during the upload/download process.
  • Additionally, free subscribers cannot download multiple files simultaneously. The fact the free membership does not have “download resume” only makes matters worse. This means that you cannot resume your download in case you lose your connection. With this in mind, it is only logical that you upgrade to a premium account for fast, exceptional services.

Ex-load Premium Account

  • The ex-load premium account comes with a wide range of options for an exceptional cloud storage experience. Apart from unlimited storage options, premium members enjoy fast download speeds of up to 100 MB/sec. Moreover, you do not have to enter a Captcha code or wait for a link to download your files. The fact that you will not have to endure irritating adverts makes the ex-load premium worth joining.
  • Another major highlight is that you can download multiple files simultaneously, hence saving you much time. Premium members also enjoy “download resume” upon reconnection of your internet connectivity.
  • Interestingly, paid membership allows you to share your files easily using the ex-load premium generator. This generator works by converting your file links to HTTP direct links, hence allowing your friends to access your shared files easily.
  • Upgrading to a premium account is extremely easy. All you have to do is to click on the ex-load premium link available on their homepage. Alternatively, you may find the premium link on the menu section of your dashboard.
  • When you click on the appropriate link, your browser will load the premium membership page automatically. From this page, you can select your preferred payment plan depending on your budget.
  • Unlimited storage options
  • Fast download speeds
  • Allows parallel downloads
  • Download resume on reconnection
  • Supports a variety of download accelerators
  • No advertisement or download waiting times
  • No Captcha codes
  • Reasonable price plans
  • Money back guarantee

Go to Premium Account Now offers four types of premium packages

  • The €20 premium package covers 30 days, and it includes 1TB of bandwidth with uploads/downloads of up to 65 GB every 2 days.
  • The €45 premium package includes all the features 3TB of bandwidth and downloads of up to 65GB every 2 days. However, this package gives members unlimited premium access for 90 days only.
  • The €80 Premium is one of the most popular packages as it offers members unlimited access for 180 days plus 60 days free. With this package, members enjoy 6TB of bandwidth for the first 180 days and 2TB of bandwidth for the next 60 days after the 180 days have elapsed.
  • The €125 package offers a full year plus 120 extra days of unlimited access to premium services. Moreover, members are entitled to 12TB + 4TB of bandwidth for the 365 and 120 days respectively.
  • Importantly, you may pay for premium membership via a wide range of options including MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among many others. all payments are secured using 128-bit encryption.
  • Amazingly, ex-load offers a money-back guarantee to all premium members. This means that you may file for a refund in case you are not happy with the quality of service on offer, or you are having trouble accessing premium services from your location. All you have to do is to fill a contract form, indicating the date of purchase, mode of payment, and reason for the refund request. After approval, you will receive your money within 72 hours after filing your application.


User Interface

Ex-load has a user interface that is not only attractive, but also easy to use. The homepage has a login and a sign-up sections that allow you to either check in into your account or register a new account, respectively. Additionally, you can upgrade your account right away using the ex-load premium link available on the main page.

Like most international websites, is available in four different languages, including, English, Russian, German, and Japanese. You can select your preferred language easily by clicking on the option button at the right top corner of the webpage.

Apparently, you cannot use the ex-load service without registering. The good news is that signing up is fast and very easy. In fact, the process does not take more than 60 seconds, as you just need to fill out your email address and create a password. After entering the subsequent CAPTCHA code, you may start uploading and downloading files accordingly.

Operation is one of the most flexible file hosting platforms. Firstly, it is compatible with all types of operating systems and web browsers. This allows you to upload any file without much fuss so long as it does not infringe on the terms of use.

Operating your ex-load account is similarly easy. Ex-load gives you several options to export files, and folders. You may also move, copy, and delete files conveniently from the members’ dashboard. In addition, you may upload files remotely or via FTP access, depending on your preferences.

What is more surprising is that ex-load is mobile-friendly and compatible across various devices. This allows you to access and manage your files from anywhere at any time using your PC, mobile phone, or any other technological device.

Nevertheless, ex-load has a few restrictions for guests and free account holders. Seemingly, you may only store files for 45 days from the last download while premium members enjoy heightened term file storage of up to 100 days from the last download. Furthermore, the maximum upload size for guest and free members is only up to 100 MB. With this in mind, it is only logical that you upgrade to ex-load premium to enjoy unlimited storage and download options.

Is safe?

Security is of the utmost importance when storing sensitive files on an online platform. For this reason, ex-load uses the highest level of protection to offer maximum security for your files and documents. The company employs SSL encryption to protect your files from unauthorized access or any form of data breach. With this kind of protection, even the most intelligent hackers will find a hard time trying to crack into your account.

Additionally, ex-load prohibits users from creating more than one account. The reason for this is to reduce cases of fraud and prevent malicious use of free members’ accounts. Apparently, it is much easier to monitor any malicious attempts if each member only runs a single account.

Besides the usual security measures, ex-load encourages members to use strong passwords to protect their accounts. It is also advisable that you change your login credentials regularly to keep hackers at bay.

Customer Support

Ex-load help desk services are somehow average. The company does not offer phone support or live chat. The only way you can contact the support team is through their ticketing option. This means that you have to wait for a few hours or days before you receive a response.


The premium packages that ex-load offers are incredibly affordable. They come with a wide range of features that are sure to give you an easy time managing your files. Moreover, you can upload and download large files at fast speeds with zero waiting times. If you are yet to upgrade to ex-load premium, then you are certainly missing out on a lot. Upgrade your account today and enjoy dozens of amazing benefits.